Much of this website introduces issues about which there is much more that can be said. On this page, we’ve gathered together information and links to more in-depth articles, papers, etc.

Some of these resources are specifically linked-to below; the others can be supplied on request by email.


Case Studies & Presentations


  • An introduction to the draft ISO 44001 standard: a series of articles looking at the draft of ISO 44001 “Collaborative business relationship framework”, which was released for comment on 6th January 2016 (as ISO 11000).
  • When spreadsheets aren’t “free” as assessment support tools.
  • Articles by NIP – or about NIP’s solutions – in the ICW’s annual publication, The Partner:
    • 2019: “Optimism in the face of complexity”, by Tim Seabrook (pages 60-62).
    • 2019: “Unlocking the value of collaborative working” (pages 88-89).
    • 2014: “Scaling-up collaborative relationship management and measurement: where and how does it go wrong?”
    • 2012: “Technology support for collaborative change programmes”.
    • 2009: “On-Line CRAFT”.
    • 2008: “Partnering to transform the supply chain”.
  • Some thoughts on Knowledge Management.

Other Documentation

  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – so we can talk more openly and in confidence.
  • Support documents – Service Level Agreement (SLA), etc – and materials about RFP processes, etc.
  • SOPs and other quality documentation.
  • MedInfoSys® Briefing Notes – articles covering key issues affecting medical information systems and surrounding issues.
  • NIP’s JOSCAR registration certificate.