Much of this website introduces issues about which there is much more that can be said. On this page, we’ve gathered together information and links to more in-depth articles, papers, etc.

Some of these resources are specifically linked-to below; the others can be supplied on request by email.


Case Studies & Presentations


  • “Sustainability”: why it is currently unsustainable: an analysis of the sustainability domain that looks at the origins of “sustainability”, how it has grown beyond recognition in the meantime, how it is confused with other agendas and riddled with self-interest, how it fails to engage business, how it is wasteful, and how it is doomed to fail. 
  • An introduction to the draft ISO 44001 standard: a series of articles looking at the draft of ISO 44001 “Collaborative business relationship framework”, which was released for comment on 6th January 2016 (as ISO 11000).
  • When spreadsheets aren’t “free” as assessment support tools.
  • Articles by NIP – or about NIP’s solutions – in the ICW’s annual publication, The Partner:
    • 2019: “Optimism in the face of complexity”, by Tim Seabrook (pages 60-62).
    • 2019: “Unlocking the value of collaborative working” (pages 88-89).
    • 2014: “Scaling-up collaborative relationship management and measurement: where and how does it go wrong?”
    • 2012: “Technology support for collaborative change programmes”.
    • 2009: “On-Line CRAFT”.
    • 2008: “Partnering to transform the supply chain”.
  • Some thoughts on Knowledge Management.

Other Documentation

  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – so we can talk more openly and in confidence.
  • Support documents – Service Level Agreement (SLA), etc – and materials about RFP processes, etc.
  • SOPs and other quality documentation.
  • MedInfoSys® Briefing Notes – articles covering key issues affecting medical information systems and surrounding issues.
  • NIP’s JOSCAR registration certificate.