Case Study: helping with the DIO’s biggest outsourcing contract

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The context

A struggling, complex and diverse £1.2bn outsourcing contract, with the relationship rapidly deteriorating.

The challenge

Re-engaging potentially jaded front-line stakeholders in new ways and on a new scale as a first step in identifying issues, realigning expectations, agreeing solutions and establishing accountability.

Working with NIP

Using a new diagnostic approach to engage stakeholders in previously impractical depth and breadth about what mattered most to them (~900 individual responses, with 4200+ comments and suggested actions); exploration of issues and root causes; distilled management headlines and in-depth analysis of detail..

The results

Pan-region and region-specific issues and patterns identified, confirmed and evidenced; improvements and the value of collaborative working substantiated; rich context for further improvement activity; transformative potential delivered through a new combination of evidence and engagement.

“…probably the most profound outcome has been sustainably engaging our community in a combination of breadth and depth that I think is genuinely new. … It’s a powerful solution to relationship management and sustaining collaboration.”

Tim Seabrook, Capita (strategic business partner to the DIO)

Conclusions and the future

Value of diagnostic process proven, but many challenges remain; progress needs to be consolidated by the relationship leads; opportunities sought to achieve similar results elsewhere – especially before relationship issues develop.

“It’s helped us efficiently clarify the map of where we are, where we want to be, and how to start getting there together. We’re also starting to grow a culture of people that ‘get it’, above and beyond the reach of workshops and our other standard communication tools, and I’m far more optimistic about the future than I was three years ago.”

Steve Fulcher, Amey

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