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Value Management

Surfacing, capturing, measuring and managing the Things That Matter to power engagement, motivation and change that spread and scale

The effectiveness of traditional business structures, approaches, priorities and tools is eroding in the face of new challenges.

Value Management delivers a new approach, at the heart of which is managing and measuring the Things That Matter.


NIP’s Value Management solutions incorporate 35 years of experience to apply agile online diagnostic tools and situation-specific knowhow. These complement, but go far beyond, traditional approaches and tools, engaging the right people, motivating them about the right things, and helping them achieve the right change:

Identifying and focusing on the

Things That Matter

…many/most of which are
currently unaddressed

Articulating and evaluating

What Good Looks Like

…which is otherwise not clear
and/or unmeasured

Surfacing and achieving

Improvement Activities

…by restoring their purpose and

We are also committed to our MedInfoSys® SaaS and Contracts Register solutions, both of which represent milestones along the journey towards our Value Management approach, but which are powerful and popular solutions in their own right.

Domains / Partners

NIP’s Value Management solutions are fully configurable and applicable to any vertical market, industry, domain or initiative, including e.g.: