Active Contracts Register™

Active Contracts Register

Though they are valuable sources of contract information, accounting and ERP systems are typically not designed to meet the specific day-to-day processing and information requirements of procurement and commissioning professionals.

What is needed is all the relevant contract information and detail in one easy-to-access system.

A Contracts Register is the logical, practical and pragmatic starting point… but it should be far more than just a list of contract titles. NIP’s Active Contracts Register™ will:

  • Capture, attach and connect all relevant contract details and documents.
  • Deliver control, access, visibility and security for different organisational levels: Cost Centre, Business Unit, Department, Directorate, Authority.
  • Comprehensively support the management of Framework Contracts (including multiple suppliers and ‘lots’).
  • Meet transparency requirements (Freedom of Information (FOI) enquiries, contract publishing requirements, etc).
  • Provide the mechanism for Category / Market Management (using ProClass, CPV and/or other categorising schemes).
  • Links to eTendering, OJEU Notices and publishing portals.
  • Implement contract performance management, supplier scoring, and SLA monitoring.
  • Enable visual and structured reporting.
  • Allow all content to be accessed and changed / updated by authorised users.


The Active Contracts Register™ is the core module for NIP’s PL-cms™.

It is the first step towards full Commercial Life Cycle Management – enabling successful management of commissioning and procurement processes and resources. In other words, once contract information is assembled in an Active Contracts Register, the Commercial Lifecycle Processes can be mapped out and continuously improved.

The Active Contracts Register™ also forms the basis of our Collaborative Contracts Register Service and Public Contracts Register solutions.

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