Public Contracts Register

The Public Contract Register is a web application which presents summary contract information updated daily from NIP Contracts Register / Procurement Lifecycle Management solutions. It is not password protected and is therefore available to the general public and potential suppliers without having to ‘login’.

NIP’s first Public Contracts Register – the pan-London Public Contract Register contained summary information of contracts held in the pan-London Contract Register Service.

The pan-London Public Contract Register was intended to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all Local Authority contracts in London.

Organisations can choose how much information they publish to the Public Contract Register. By opting to publish information directly to the Public Contracts Register organisations do not have to spend extra effort maintaining their own public lists and can minimise Freedom of Information Requests by directing the public directly to the site itself.

The Public Contracts Register provides the public with contract expiry dates, enabling them to identify when future tender opportunities are likely to take place. It also provides relevant contact details for each contract if further information is required.

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