MedInfoSys®: Workflow

Once logged, it is crucial that all enquiries are assigned to an appropriate person and dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

The path the enquiry needs to take will vary – both with the enquiry and with each company’s unique way of working – and MedInfoSys® is fully flexible and configurable to enable medical information team members to manage their workload and optimise efficiency:

  • Each user can see views of either just the enquiries assigned to them or all enquiries in the system that they are allowed to see.  These views can be sorted, filtered and searched by many parameters – e.g. enquirer/customer name, number, date, status, etc
  • Either for convenience and spreading workload, or corporate best practice (e.g. certain enquiries should be routed to specific people), enquiries can be readily assigned to colleagues or product experts, who are notified by e-mails; administrators can perform reassignments in bulk
  • Users can be given one or more of several different access roles granting different permissions for handling enquiries
  • Configurable options enable the escalation and referral of enquiries where appropriate (e.g. to Drug Safety if an Adverse Event, or to Quality if a Product Complaint)
  • Resolution deadlines can be set to ensure response times are maintained, together with alerts when deadlines are missed
  • One or more Responses can be written to answer the enquirer

All workflow stages are tracked in an Edit History – which is a narrative of the main “events” in fulfilling an enquiry – and a full audit trail captures field-by-field changes.

Other ancillary workflow features include the ability to place an enquiry on hold, to print an enquiry for paper filing and to e-mail a PDF copy of the enquiry out of the system.