MedInfoSys®: Reporting

As the first point of contact for many companies’ customers, medical information professionals generate high value information that can and should be shared within and beyond the medical information department:

  • Metrics of enquiries and fulfilment times
  • Trends in the questions asked and who is asking them, e.g.:
    • Straight after a product launch or a new strength/indication
    • Issues that show that the sales force needs more information or training
  • Patterns of particular types of enquiry, such as Adverse Events and Product Complaints, etc

MedInfoSys® is designed to support the collection and consistency of the data necessary to support this kind of sharing, and provides a powerful combination of report types and data exports to then enable it:

  • Detailed management reports are always available – there is no need to program and run special report writing routines
  • Basic information like product, enquiry source and category are easily analysed and displayed in various layouts
  • Performance metrics – including resources used, time to closure, etc. – are automatically generated for each enquiry, and can then be used to monitor departmental and individual response times
  • Standard views provide in-depth monthly analysis of the enquiries and can highlight trends – by product, month, staff member, time taken, category, etc.
  • Many of the reports will display a dynamic chart of the results that can be printed or pasted into other documents (e.g. Word), and this data can be exported into Excel for further re-presentation and analysis.