MedInfoSys®: Enquiries

Medical enquiries are at the heart of medical information and they are at the heart of MedInfoSys®, whether received by telephone, by letter, fax or e-mail.

Logging enquiries in MedInfoSys® is as streamlined and automated as possible – increasing efficiency by minimising retyping or copying, whilst ensuring data integrity – and our customers frequently say how intuitive the system is in this respect:

  • A comprehensive form ensures that all the necessary information is captured to satisfy corporate and regulatory standards, including – if this option is enabled – the ability to capture and refer Adverse Event information
  • There is a powerful facility to look-up past enquirers and populate contact details
  • The ability to complete many fields with user-defined defaults and “picklists” increases speed and accuracy, especially when logging enquiries on the telephone
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be used to populate initial details of the question asked and the answer given
  • Any field on the form can be configured to be mandatory before the enquiry can be closed (e.g. for compliance with best practice and/or to generate accurate metrics later)
  • Links can be made to existing enquiries (for example, creating a new enquiry based on an existing one)

Related information is grouped together in expandable sections, including the storage of all responses with their related enquiry.

Whilst the language of the system interface is English, many “picklists” can contain values in local language, and any language can be freely typed into textboxes.