RelEx Relationship Excellence Diagnostic

Relationship Excellence (RelEx) is an 8-step diagnostic tool, modelled on the operational clauses of the ISO 44001 standard (previously BS11000) and is typically completed by a number of participants, to establish the readiness of an organisation to engage in collaborative working relationships/partnering arrangements.

Answers questions like:

  • “How can we introduce a larger number of suppliers to the concept of collaborative relationships?”
  • “How can we engage with more suppliers, more appropriately and more constructively?”
  • “What do our suppliers think of themselves and their capability to have constructive relationships?”
  • “Where should we focus (improvement) attention across our supply chain?”
  • “What competencies and behaviours do I need to develop in my team and my suppliers?”


  • Web-based managed service.
  • Automated participant invitations, reminders and progress tracking.
  • Target setting option.
  • Optional anonymity control.
  • Capture of parameter scoring and related issues.
  • Reports updated in real-time.
  • Consensus management.

Additional options:

  • In-depth gap analysis between organisations, departments, functional teams, etc.
  • Capture suggested improvement actions.
  • Recommended actions (Improvement Report).
  • Export comments and suggested improvement actions to action management tool.
  • Categorise relationships for category-based reporting.
  • Categorise participant ‘roles’ for role based reporting

How it works:

  • Individual or multiple self-assessments of one organisation (or department, project, team, etc).
  • Typically 1-5 participants.
  • Aim to repeat every 12 months.
  • Endorsed by and/or promoted by customer, but paid for by supplier (optionally paid for by customer).