Risk Register

All organisations are susceptible to risk, and SC21 recommends an analysis of risk – and a plan – to cover awareness, mitigation and avoidance.

A Risk Register Kanban board acts as a central repository for all risks identified by the organisation and, for each risk, includes information such as source, nature, treatment option, existing counter-measures, recommended counter-measures and so on.

Comments and suggested improvement actions from any of the NIP diagnostic tools can be added (or even imported automatically) to an online Kanban-board-based risk management tool.

Actions also typically flow from a number of areas and activities, e.g.:

  • Customer or supplier issues.
  • Change management and Improvement programmes.
  • Diagnostic and assessment outputs.
  • Counterfeiting.
  • Obsolescence.
  • Concessions.
  • Risk and dependency assessments.
  • etc, etc.

Answers questions like:

  • “What are the most critical risks?”


  • Web-based service.
  • Expertly aligned to SC21 best practice and templates.
  • Based on ‘Kanban Board’ approach.
  • ‘Drag and drop’ action progression.
  • Assign risk/action owner.
  • Access model allows for central overview with restricted access for action owners.
  • Colour coded priority.
  • Various progress and department reports, updated in real-time.

Additional options:

  • Customised fields.
  • Custom reports.