Applying NIP’s ARC Solutions

NIP’s ARC solutions empower organisations, teams and individuals looking to achieve results in complementary – but distinct – areas that each have specific perspectives and requirements.

A C-suite executive looking to design and establish an entirely new supply chain is in a very different situation from a best practice specialist trying to ensure compliance throughout the value chain, and they are both in a very different situation from the alliance manager responding to known problems within a few specific ‘bottleneck’ relationships – three examples of broad perspectives that can be summarised as “ARC” – Alignment, Resilience and Coherence:


Where there’s a vision in place, typically led by senior management, to drive and realise outcomes:

  • Sensing and adapting to complex market signals and changes.
  • Establishing and embedding identity, values, beliefs and behaviours (culture).
  • Formulating strategy, setting targets and gauging top-level progress.
  • Planning, initiating, and managing priorities across programmes and portfolios.

Includes cultural and behavioural assessments, portfolio positioning tools, etc.


The drive towards ensuring that best practice is captured and made available, typically led by process support personnel and consultants:

  • Developing and ensuring capability of people, processes and resources.
  • Establishing, spreading, scaling and demonstrating the value of best practice.
  • Managing and measuring governance, compliance and risk.

Includes specific support for standards implementation and certification (ISO 44001, etc).


When the lead is taken by those who find themselves engaging at the front line with external parties, such as supply chains or sales channels:

  • Deploying resources to ensure effective performance and achieve outcomes.
  • Managing accounts and developing relationships with stakeholders.
  • Reacting to and managing key issues and opportunities.

Includes performance management tools, support for sales channels, supply chains, alliances, etc.

The configurability and application of all the above to any industry, domain or initiative can be seen from the vertical markets and areas within which we have solutions and partners.