Fulcrum Logo

Fulcrum was a web-based business management system built for Cargo Solutions Ltd as an interactive system for companies shipping high-value goods to work with Cargo Solutions to reduce risk. This enabled Cargo Solutions to become, to use their own words, “the first provider of online cargo services and risk management solutions to the global cargo community”.

By providing a hub for collaboration with customers – which included international telecommunications corporations, amongst others – Fulcrum was a good example and embodiment of many of NIP’s main software goals and principles, enabling Cargo Solutions to build more intimate, value-adding relationships.

By factoring-out the trends and processes observed over years of experience, they were also able to offer a more pro-active risk assessment service – how to prevent cargo losses, rather than assessing insurance claims after the event. Each client enjoyed a tailored range of these services and expertise through which to manage elements of their operation.