Alliance Management

In partnership with The Rhythm of Business, NIP created the Partner Portfolio Manager, a tool that encapsulates the rich portfolio management process set out in the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Practitioner’s Guide, Part Three – “Emerging Alliance Practices”.

Here’s how ASAP describe the relevance of portfolio and capabilty management:

Creating an alliance network or developing a portfolio of partners doesn’t occur at any one stage of the alliance life cycle, but rather overlays all of them. Additionally, the activities associated with building a network or portfolio are often concurrent; an organization can be adding a new partner to its network while managing and even terminating others. Alliance capability is similar in that there is no one stage of the life cycle where capability switches on or off. It is true that some aspects of capability and culture are utilized more at some stages of the life cycle than others, but these are actually crucial throughout the entire life of an alliance.

ASAP also map out a 7-Phase Life Cycle Framework to “manage knowledge and manage relationships”:

  • Phase 1: Alliance-Specific Strategy.
  • Phase 2: Analysis and Selection.
  • Phase 3: Building Trust and Value-Creating Negotiations.
  • Phase 4: Operational Planning.
  • Phase 5: Alliance Structuring and Governance.
  • Phase 6: Launching and Managing.
  • Phase 7: Transform, Innovate, or Exit Gracefully.

…whilst identifying capability and performance management tools and techniques that can be applied in any strategic relationship.

The Partner Portfolio Manager utilises NIP’s Diagnostic Management Framework, providing “one stop” access to the common functionality required to manage a variety of diagnostic tools and processes:

  • Web-based service, managed by NIP, but can be run by an external consultant or taken ‘in-house’.
  • Automatic participant invitation and progression process (deadlines, reminders, etc).
  • Capture of parameter scoring and related issues.
  • Reporting at multiple levels – individual diagnostics, portfolios, etc.

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