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Product Summary (PDF)Product Summary (PDF)

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The Kanban Actions Manager and Risk Register is a visual and interactive means to capture, prioritise and progress agreed actions from multiple sources, teams and sites.

It delivers results from individual and cross-boundary Improvement Plans, and expedites Risk Registers and Issue Logs.

Overall, it answers questions like:

  • “How do I make sure any change/improvement initiative doesn’t stall?”
  • “How can I make sure that the relevant people have access to the relevant actions, while also being able to have an overview of activity progression?”


  • Web-based service, managed by NIP, but can be run by an external consultant or taken ‘in-house’.
  • Based on ‘Kanban Board’ approach.
  • Individual and shared Kanban Boards.
  • ‘Drag and drop’ visual metaphor for action progression.
  • Assign action owner.
  • Access model allows for central overview with restricted access for action owners.
  • Colour-coded priority.
  • Various progress and department reports, updated in real-time.
  • Generate action lists with status.

Additional options:

  • Facilitator/Practitioner support.
  • Alerting.
  • Customised fields.
  • Custom reports.
  • Share access with other organisation(s) (e.g. for Joint Relationship Management Plans)

How it works:

  • Import actions.
  • Assign ownership.
  • Track progress.
  • Common format to capture actions from multiple sources.
  • Shared space to ensure agreement on status, ownership and commitments.

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