Business Solutions

NIP’s web-based solutions principally focus on addressing two requirements common to all networked B2B relationships:

  • Change-enabling diagnostics that establish what needs to be done.
  • Effective and incisive action management of the resulting activity.

The two go hand-in-hand, because – without action management – one or both of the following happens with the diagnostics, stalling activity and progress:

  • Upfront reluctance to deploy them, for fear of being overwhelmed by the amount of resulting activity.
  • Enthusiastic deployment, but the resulting actions are unmanageable, or get forgotten or lost.

Our Kanban Actions Manager is therefore our most important solution in many ways. Although it can be deployed standalone, it is usually implemented alongside our diagnostic solutions, of which we already have a good number in place. These are mostly focused on particular industries and/or change initiatives, and sponsored by our partners (A|D|S, The Rhythm of Business and ICW):

This is absolutely not an exhaustive list – they are all implemented in our generic assessment framework and are only examples of the broad diagnostic classes we have identified, so contact us to discuss your specific requirements. (And read more about the classes of diagnostic in our approach section.)

We also have Contracts Registers and Medical Information solutions – whilst implemented before NIPs focus shifting primarily to B2B relationships, they are entirely consistent with our approach, and remain powerful tools in their own right.

All of NIP’s solutions are simply accessed via a browser, are hosted on a SaaS or Cloud platform (although they can also be installed, if required), and may be deployed:

  • By NIP, as a managed service.
  • By an external consultant.
  • By an internal support team.

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