ARC | Aligned, Resilient, Coherent

"And even when the apparatus exists, novelty ordinarily emerges only for the man who, knowing with precision what he should expect, is able to recognize that something has gone wrong."

Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolution

Interdependent relationships within supply chains, sales channels, alliances, etc, are all critical to delivering results. Such relationships - or 'value nets' - need investment and attention for them to deliver their expected and required value.

While there are well-established procedures for identifying and managing physical assets, comparable tools and processes for nurturing business-to-business relationships are often lacking. 

NIP provides its clients with the means to:

  • Identify and visualise the extent of their relationship "portfolios".
  • Surface key issues (before they become problems).
  • Identify gaps and differences in perception - both internally and externally.
  • Manage and progress remedial and preventative actions.
  • Regularly measure and appropriately compare performance.
  • Capture, share and embed best practice.

NIP's complementary online solutions are all implemented within a common approach and a flexible technical architecture that is fully scalable.

The result?  Relationships - or 'value nets' - that are more Aligned, Resilient and Coherent (ARC).