Relationships need to be Aligned, Resilient and Coherent (ARC), supported – alongside action management – by different ‘classes’ of diagnostic tool.

Just as each aspect of ARC needs attention, each diagnostic class has a crucial part to play in enabling change.  Neglect one of them, and progress will be significantly compromised – the set of diagnostics really is greater than the sum of its parts. 

But what are the pathways through the diagnostics – in what order should they be deployed, and with what relative priority?

For example, an alliance manager responding to known problems within a few specific ‘bottleneck’ relationships is in a very different situation from a C-suite executive looking to design and establish an entirely new supply chain…

…so the answers will depend on several factors:

  • The scope and budget of the activity.
  • What is driving it?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for it and who is implementing it?
  • What kind(s) of relationships are in focus?
  • What other change initiatives are there in play?
  • etc.

And these factors also affect how each diagnostic is deployed, e.g.:

  • Whether the focus is internal, external or both.
  • Who is involved – internal people, external people or both.
  • How many relationships are measured – one, a few or many – and by how many individuals.
  • The extent of integration with action management tools and/or improvement activity planning tools.

Most change programmes and methodologies do rightly feature each diagnostic class – at least to some extent…

…but they frequently don’t give clear guidance on these questions of order, priority and “how to”.

This is where NIP’s pathways come in.

Not only have we transformed the applicability and scope of the different diagnostics by web-enabling them; we also have the consolidated expertise on how, why and when to use them to greatest effect.

Each client’s situation is unique, but each will be a variation on one of several repeating deployment patterns – or “pathways” – that we have factored-out over our 25 years of experience, and that we have made the basis of what we offer and deliver.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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