NIP has 25 years of direct experience providing tools and techniques to support collaborative working relationships.  Time and time again, three aspects or dimensions have emerged as essential for successful B2B relationships, which we have encapsulated in our ARC perspectives

…but improvements and change only come through effective and engaging Activity and Action management.

The context is the Value Network (Value-Net), because understanding which elements deliver what value – and how they all fit together – is fundamental to the monitoring, measuring and improving of relationships.  And in seeing how they might be reconfigured in response to changing conditions and requirements.

Secondly, an awareness of the distinctions between classes of relationship management diagnostics – and how they interact with one another – is invaluable. It enables the application of the right tools at the right times, to capture the metrics and issues which usher in optimal engagement, and to identify powerful improvement activities and actions.

Thirdly, because not all B2B relationships ‘are created equal’, the adoption of quadrant-based segmentation schemes provides a sound foundation for:

  • Positioning value-net partners.
  • Highlighting their unique needs.
  • Adopting appropriate management styles. 

Establishing the initial positioning of relationships also sets the scene for iterative re-balancing of the portfolio, in order to optimise the deployment of scarce and valuable relationship management resources.

Of course, SRM/CRM and other sources of internally managed transactional data systems provide the complementary ‘dashboard’ to the ‘view through the windscreen’ provided by smart diagnostics.

So, in practice, there are a number of factors influencing the quality of a Business to Business (B2B) relationship, and how “pathways” for tools and techniques can develop and transform its effectiveness over time…  all of which shape how we engineer our Business Solutions.

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