About Us

Some Context

New Information Paradigms (NIP) delivers web-based ARC-enabled application solutions for professional teams managing critical cross-boundary relationships.

NIP has been supporting the development of collaborative business relationships for more than two decades, so there are collaborative working threads running through all of our products and services:

  • Identifying and making visible the important factors driving the day-to-day functioning of relationships.
  • Focusing attention on areas where problems can arise, and facilitating their resolution.
  • Providing access to context-sensitive best-practice and advice.
  • Taking action and monitoring performance.
  • …and so on.

Our Name

  • New: because, as the pace of change increases, so does the perception of what’s “new”.
  • Information: because information can be seen as a process and action – the internal (in)formation of perceptions and models. For anything to make sense, there has to be an already in-formed model to understand inputs. The notion of in-formed models led to NIP’s early involvement in NLP, and later Clean Language, and how it can reveal Metaphors.
  • Paradigms: because, as Thomas Kuhn points out in “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions“, paradigms, or world-views, shape what we can and can’t see.

Our Intention

To provide the means for organisations to identify, develop and manage key interdependencies (those beyond their direct control, but vital to their flow of products and services) into Aligned, Resilient and Coherent (ARC) wholes, or ecosystems.

To achieve this, we do what we can to empower individuals and teams – typically in cross-boundary situations – by developing solutions and technologies that not only serve an immediate purpose, but that also provide a future growth path, scope for integration and protection from proprietary lock-in.

A new Paradigm

The existing hard data paradigm – that historical, transactional, numerical data is the primary, or even the only valid source for decision-making – needs to be challenged. 

Accountants have been criticised for wanting to drive the car by looking in the (hard data) rearview mirror. Current information, we are told, has to be mined and viewed on a ‘real-time’ dashboard.  Now, the rearview mirror and the dashboard are indeed essential components of the ‘driving experience’…

…but how about seeing what’s coming, by looking through the windscreen?!

With the connectivity of the web, and pragmatic tools, we can now tap into the intelligent perceptions of knowledgeable individuals and teams, to understand the forces that are shaping the future of our organisations. 

Markets and Customers

Historically, we have worked with leading organisations in diverse sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Retail Food, Publishing, Aerospace & Defence and the Public Sector – all of which have shared a desire to use technology to help embed key business processes.

Our History page provides more detail about our past.

Registered in England, No.: 02329007

Latest News

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